York Moore talks about the hidden issue of trafficking in our culture

The Price of Life invitational is a social justice campaign coming to the Omaha metro the week after Labor Day, September 2 – 6. Its purpose is to unite leaders from the university, church community, business arena and political realm with local and international organizations on the front lines in the battle against human trafficking. The diverse events of Omaha Price of Life will educate, challenge and inspire participants to get involved in a movement to end the modern day slavery of labor and sex trafficking beginning here in the city. The voices and talents involved in this multi-layered initiative will bring the strength of a community approach in confronting a social injustice of global proportions. Price of Life seeks to:

the coalition of organizations and individuals actively seeking justice in the arena of human trafficking and the sexual exploitation that accompanies it.

state and federal law by partnering with lawmakers who are passionate about justice, giving them access to students and community members in the Omaha metro.

the connection between faith, spirituality and justice in the process of working for the freedom and flourishing of victims of modern day slavery.

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6 September

Prop is in the house tonight!

Tonight’s culminating event of the Price of Life campaign will feature opener Remedy Drive, speaker and founder of Price of Life, York Moore, and spoken word artist Propaganda.  Speaking of Propaganda, here are a few  links you can check out.  He’s an artist on the Humble Beast label. http://www.humblebeast.com/artists/propaganda/ Part of what you’ll feel right […]

4 September

Tonight: Benjamin Nolot, Bringing Social Change through Film

We’re pumped about film director Benjamin Nolot coming tonight to Omaha for Price of Life.  Tonight at 7:00pm we’ll attempt to pack out the Scott Conference Center on UNO’s South Campus with an intriguing presentation about the power of film and today’s abolitionist movement. Benjamin Nolot’s first project about sex trafficking called Nefarious has drawn wide […]

Stories of hope

There are many who are already leading the way.

  • The Miracle of Missy

    I was flying to the Bahamas.  For lunch.  It was unbelievable.  Just a few years before this long-distance lunch, I had been living in a run-down trailer park in Florida, pathetically poor. Yet here I was, at age thirteen, taking a jet for a midday meal in an exotic location.  And as we soared in the sky toward our destination dinner, I became a member – perhaps the youngest member ever – in the notorious Mile High Club. Read More

    - The Miracle of Missy
  • Why I Love Strippers

    It all began innocently enough. I was an average child from an average family. And what didn’t seem so common, but truly is, was the sexual abuse that took place in my life at a young age. Suddenly, at age five I was awakened to sexual expression, and lust, and power, and control, and fear, and a new perception of love. Read More

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